About company

Research and Production Enterprise Altair LLC is a developer and a manufacturer of a large variety of polymer composites. The materials are produced under internal technical conditions. The materials meet the highest requirements of modern polymer market.

The company has accumulated extensive experience in plastic processing such as polycarbonate, ABS, polyamide and others. Research and Production Enterprise Altair not only offers materials for extrusion or injection molding, such as PC and composites thereof, but also provides services for the development of polymer composites based on different polymers under technical specifications. Besides we offer such services as mold making and molding of products on request.

The company can manufacture such composities of plastics as polycarbonate with ABS plastic, glass-filled polycarbonate, carbon-filled polyamide and others at own production.

Specialists of Altair LLC can modify standard grades of polycarbonate and give them unique properties: enhanced UV resistance; fire-resistance (ПВ-0*); stress cracking resistance in corrosive environments; antifriction. Standard grades of polyamides can be manufactured with antistatic properties (surface resistance rate of 108 Ohm), and if necessary, with conductive properties (10² Ohm). Herewith elastic modulus can amount to 12000 MPa.

What the company offers else is coloring of materials in any color according to customer's sample or RAL scale, including availability of translucent and fluorescent plastics and including shade match on the chromaticity coordinates.

In addition, Research and Production Enterprise Altair offers masterbatches for coloring of monolithic and cellular polycarbonate sheet. They are dispersions of pigments in a polycarbonate matrix. The colorant particles are easily and uniformly distributed throughout the volume of the future product not sticking together and not settling upon the processing. The prefix “super” in the title means a high concentration of the masterbatch.

Besides, Research and Production Enterprise Altair offers fire-resistant composites Tegnofor, which are superior to fire-resistant ABS and fire-resistant composites of ABS and polycarbonate in physical, mechanical and thermal performance. Tegnofor FR-MS is fire-resistant (ПВ-0*) and freezeproof (as low as -60 °C). Tegnofor composites are technology intensive: they are processed without generating internal stresses, waive from the moulding conditions without significant loss of physical and mechanical properties of the products and allow the use of molds made for other polymers if the shrinkage rates are similar.

The company is constantly working to develop new technologies and implement them in production. It allows to achieve high-quality output and continuously expand the range of materials offered to customers.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001-2008.

* - under GOST 28157-89 which is in harmony with International Electrotechnical Commission in a part of burner flame effect.